Into a new realm

I am a sociology major and I love my studies. I recently took a class on deviance which really opened my eyes to the many layers of society. When people are classified as deviant, more often than not, they have reasons why they decided to act that way. Perhaps it was lack of education, or maybe it was lack of finances. Either way, they are human and they deserve to be treated as such. It’s interesting to me that we are differentiated by race. I never thought the color of my skin would have such an impact on where I can or can’t go and what I can or can’t do. I would have to agree with Jane Elliot when she says that the idea that one human is more superior than the other based on the melanin in their skin is absolutely ridiculous. In my opinion it wouldn’t be good for politics if we all got along. Got to keep the masses quiet and occupied with work. It’s like, the poor at the bottom of the totem pole work and work and work. While the rich elite keep the power and make sure that we stay dormant and occupied. Myself on the other hand, I have a spark for life. I love adventure, even if that adventure might get me into trouble. I want to meet people from all over. All the different cultures so I can learn everything. One of my friends recently introduced me to a Vietnamese market. Now, it’s important to note that I live close to San Bernardino where the dominant race is individuals other than white. So going out of my realm makes me super uncomfortable. Perhaps it’s politics, or maybe it’s the family I currently live with. However, you never know what you are missing if you don’t open your mind up to new experiences. My friend happens to be Asian so when she allowed me to have a glimpse into her culture, of course I took it. I went down to this market by myself and found some really cool surprises. They have cute little jelly buckets that resemble animated creatures like a monster or an owl. These buckets are filled with tiny little jelly packs. Not only did this market have cute stuff for kids, it had a fish market where the fish were freshly butchered and on ice so you could pick what you wanted. One of my favorite drinks is Thai tea so of course I had to hop over to the restaurant and try some. Now, the restaurant is in the same building but you have to exit and go to the other side to get to it. While at the restaurant I tried the chicken U don soup. It was super good. You get a huge bowl of soup and a bag of fresh bean sprouts, jalapenos, and soy-sauce on the side. The Thai tea was the original recipe that is a familiar taste to me. I didn’t really have any complaints. Sometimes I wonder what other people think when I walk into a market I clearly don’t belong in, but I can tell you that most individuals are fascinated to see me and usually treat me nicely (maybe my social anxiety is what makes me think this way!!??) That’s why I say it’s bad for politics. Imagine if we all actually got along and helped each other out? There would be no war on race and no division among societies. But in order for a government to have loyal followers, there must be fear. This fear is what allows the government to control and rewrite history. If your government defeats the enemy, then the masses are happy and don’t retaliate. Just a hunch though. What do I actually know about politics?? Nothing, not my forte. I do know that we are a society built on insecurities. As one of my books said: Something along the lines of “Imagine how many corporations would go out of business if people woke up tomorrow actually loving who they are.” What I can tell you is, through my learning in Sociology I understand that we are all human. While there is much work to be done in terms of equality, I encourage you to take time out of your day and try something new. You might have a fun experience like I did.

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