Road trip across the states!(Days 1-2)

So, this summer I got an amazing opportunity to travel with family through the states. Starting at California we hit Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New mexico, Arizona, and finally back to California. When you open yourself up to the universe the possibilities are endless. I remember thinking back through my dark times and not having the same joy that I used to have for life. However, thanks to beautiful friends and family, my perception of reality has changed. I am not really fond of sitting in a car for more than 3 hours but the idea of traveling with my family was well worth it. There wasn’t much for us to see in Nevada or Utah because we had been there before. However, Wyoming was pretty fun. Do you know what a Jackalope is? Well, There are two in Wyoming.

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You have the world’s largest Jackalope and the world’s even larger Jackalope. Just a fun little pit stop on our way to Wisconsin to see family. Then, while driving through South Dakota, we were able to see a mountain notorious for the heads carved into it. That’s right! Mount Rushmore! What a beautiful and spectacular experience. Now, upon arrival you have to travel this route along a mountainside and the entire way you are expecting to see these heads sticking out, contrary to popular belief this monument is quite small. However, small as it may big, this mountain ¬†left a huge impression on my life. This mountain features George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and last but not least, Theodore Roosevelt. Now, I should not have to tell you why these faces are important, but I will anyways. They are past presidents of the United States. When you get to this monument parking is $10 but the ticket will last for a year…so share with your friends!! Walking up to the looking area for the monument you will get a beautiful view of a row of flags which contain each flag of the states within the United States and engrave in the columns is the exact date in which the state was admitted to the union. This monument is the ultimate testament to an artist’s capabilities. Gutzon Borglum was really thinking big when he put this project together. Now, being from California I do have a picture that claims the state was the 31st state admitted to the union in 1850. However, my blog is mainly food so I highly suggest that visitors take a trip to the cafeteria where they can purchase some ice cream which includes Thomas Jefferson’s original vanilla recipe.

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