Mentone Beach

Where the heck is the beach!? Sure locals understand but out-of-towners have no idea that the name means nothing. There’s not a beach around here, but in a good season there is a fairly fast running creek that comes down from the snow of the mountains. Along the highway to get to that creek  lies a lovely restaurant named “Arthur’s”. The hours for this restaurant are from the early morning at 6am to 1:30pm so if you want a good breakfast before a trip to the mountains this is the best spot to hit. Not only are the portions colossal but the servers are kind and genuine. My favorite part about this spot is that they have healthy alternatives! Who wants to eat a heavy breakfast before a full day of hiking!? Blehh….not me!! Skip the potatoes and add tomato slices free of charge, and skip the egg yolk using just egg whites and you’ve got yourself a pretty decent meal with a decent price tag. “Omelets have at least 4 eggs, sometimes 5 depending on Debbie’s mood.”-Arthur’s menu. Debbie must have been in a great mood when I showed up because I could barely finish my omelet. I went ahead and ordered the biscuits and gravy on the side merely because they are made fresh everyday!! Who can resist!? Bring a friend to share the portions with, the coffee cake is monstrous!!  On Sundays the lines can get long and the crowd might be a little rambunctious, but the team does their best to seat everyone in a timely manner and keep the morale fun and exciting. Take a look at the scenery while you are there as well, this restaurant loves to support their local hero’s in the military!!

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