Bites by the beach!

So, all along the PCH are places where individuals can stop and campout right next to the water. I happened to get the opportunity to go camping in a little spot called Faria park located in Ventura county CA. Well, I should say glamping because we were having an amazing time!! Mimosas at 6am with the sunrise, and grilled shrimp and sausage at sunset. They have bathrooms and showers so you can easily wash the sand and salt water off. If one is up for it, this little gem has a  café. They have fresh baked sweets every morning (well at least the days I was there) and the most amazing breakfast burritos. The price is right too!!  I believe we paid 8$ for a burrito that fed two people! Cant beat that. For you non-meat eaters out there, they also have an alternative “soy-rizo” burrito! It’s always nice when eateries can cater to special individuals. We got to see some dolphins swimming in the distance as the sun was setting. Take a minute to close your eyes….imagine the pinks, reds, and oranges in the sunset contrasting with the blues of the ocean and some dolphins! That’s what you’ll get if you campout at PCH 10/10 would definitely recommend. The best part is, this is all part of the California life!! Some people plan vacations like this for years. Meanwhile I get to travel two hours and be somewhere beautiful.


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